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Lawn Chair Millionaire Scam?

The question that many have about the new lawn chair millionaire program is, "Will this really pay a passive income as described on the front page of the website?"

The answer to this question is yes and no.  After filling out the form on the website and verifying through a code via email, you are immediately enticed to join this program through the fear of loss technique via the moneyline pools.  These promise a certain amount of money and are on ever page of the site encouraging you to lock in your position.  You also begin to receive an annoying amount of "fear of loss" type emails that tell you to join or lose your commission.

The truth about this program is that the moneyline pool only pays on the members that join that day.  Next this commission is paid out over the next 3 months.  I joined and received $75 in moneyline commissions, but this is split over a 3 months.  So, I spend close to $80 to join and received $20 back in commission.  Is this a wise passive income investment?  Staying in the program will cost $80 to join plus $25 a month after that.  So if I stay in my 3 months, it will cost me $130, and I will make $75.  So, I'm at a loss from a passive perspective.

The next hitch I discovered is that in order to receive my commission I needed the company's debit card.  If I sponsored no one (passive remember!) then the debit card costs $39.99.  Remember, I've already invested $80.  Add $39.99 to that to receive $20 in commissions?  I hope this is starting to make sense.

On the bright side, this program pays a strong $20 fast start bonus and $15 a month residual income.  If you are willing to work and recruit, then this is a great program.  If you don't like to sponsor others, then don't waste your money.

If LawnChairMillionaire doesn't seem like a fit for you, try this:






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